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Our mission at Arnetwork Health is provide the safest and most advance protective solutions for home and the workplace for optimal safety. Products such as SQ2 Skin Protection and HeiQ are tested and proven to protect your body against germs. 

SQ2 Skin Protection works by creating a protective, non-toxic chemical shield around your hands and kill undesirable pathogens.

HeiQ Masks offers two types of masks.

HeiQ KN95 Masks suitable for filtering solid and liquid particles (such as dust, droplets, pollen, haze etc.) suspended in air under special operations or everyday conditions.

The HeiQ ViroBlock Multi Hi-Tech Washable Mask with Swiss Antimicrobial technology is optimized to balance filtration protection, good breathability and maximal comfort to enable an uninterrupted use time.

The ViroBlock Swiss antimicrobial technology is made with textiles that are resistant against the degradation by microorganisms and inhibits the growth of bacterial odors. It is added to the fabric during the final stage of the textile manufacturing process.

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